Prof. Santos receives significant funding from Business Finland

We are very thrilled and delighted to be granted a significant close to 1.4 million euro funding for 2 years from Business Finland for a Research to Business project. The project will focus on the development of microneedle patch for drug delivery applications and explores its commercial potential together with Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd (HIS). This is significant step of our lab towards the commercialization of our research technology.
We are very grateful for this fantastic support from Business Finland. The project duration is 1.6.2020-31.5.2022.


This project is focused on the application of microneedles for drug delivery applications. Administration of drugs to animals can be difficult and stressful, using the normal routes of administration, such as oral and intravenous injections. Thus, a safer and easier way of administration of drugs to animals is needed. Our project aims to develop a robust microneedle platform for the painless administration of compounds to animals. The transdermal microneedle-based patch is expected to improve the administration of difficult drug molecules and also increase the animal well-being. The microneedle patch is made of biodegradable and biocompatible biomaterials for sustained drug delivery applications. The microneedle patch will be administered on the skin of the animals, releasing the compounds of interest over time. We expect to translate this microneedle patches to a commercial product, after verifying the efficacy of the drug-containing microneedle patches in different animal species.

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Acknowledgement: This study is supported by the Business Finland Project no. 1179/31/2020.