Prof. Santos receives major grant for an Academy of Finland Project from the Research Council for Health

The project entitled "Towards personalized nanomedicines for targeted drug delivery and imaging for ischemic myocardial injury" received 300,000 € as support to develop nanovectors precisely engineered for enabling for simultaneous multidrug delivery, imaging and therapy in the same nanomaterial, in order to reverse cardiac diseases.

The Academy Project Funding decision can be found from here

I am extremely happy and very thankful for receiving today funding from Academy of Finland. Thank you for the support and thank you research team and all collaborators for making this possible!

The Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Health today decided to grant Academy Project funding for 36 research projects. The four-year funding totals 14.6 million euros. The Academy Project funding scheme provides researchers with funding to hire a research team.

For more details read teh Academy of Finland press release in here