Prof. Santos' post-doc/PI, Dr. Wei Li, awarded the title of Docent in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

We are very thrilled and delighted to announce that our team member Dr. Wei Li has been awarded the Title of Docent in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki.

In 2015, Dr. Wei Li received his PhD degree and moved to the University of Helsinki with Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action Fellowship under the supervision of Prof. Santos. At the University of Helsinki, he has secured grants from the Academy of Finland, Sigrid Jusélius Foundation, Orion Research Foundation, and Finnish Cultural Foundation, and published more than 10 papers on journals of high impact. In addition, he has co-supervised several bachelor, master and PhD students. The Faculty of Pharmacy appointed him Principal Investigator in 2019, and now he has been awarded the Title of Docent!

Dr. Wei Li wishes to thank Santos’ Lab and Saarma Group (Institute of Biotechnology), colleagues, collaborators, his students, HR, and evaluators for their great support!

Dr. Wei Li is now the 4th researcher with title of Docent coming out from Prof. Santos lab. Previous ones were:
Dr. Luis Bimbo (2015)
Dr. Vimalkumar Balasubramanian (2017)
Dr. Hongbo Zhang (2017)
Dr. Wei Li (2020)

For details on the title of docents awarded at the University of Helsinki see here (in Finnish)