Prof. Santos moderates the Membership Session and the Scientific Session of the Focus Group Nanomedicine and Nanoscale Delivery (NND) at the CRS2020 Annual Meeting

The use of nanosystems has opened multiple new doors in the field of drug delivery. The Nanomedicine and Nano-Scale Delivery Focus Group serves investigators from universities and research institutes with scientific interests on the development of nanomedicines for drug delivery applications, industrial researchers from companies with R&D in nanosystems and experts from regulatory boards, all under the umbrella of CRS. Our vision is to foster an integrative and progressive discussion forum for all those engaged in the wide field of nanomedicine and biomedical nanotechnology.

Controlled Release Society (CRS) is the home for experts dedicated to the delivery of activities, including delivery scientists, engineers, clinicians, and technical professionals.

The CRS2020 Annual Meeting was organized virtually with more than 1300 attendees.

It was really a great honor and privilege to present our Focus Group activities to all our members and to moderate the Scientific Session of our Focus Group we prepared and organized to all and CRS attendees.


We had amazing Keynote Invited talks and several selected Award talks, including:
- Young Investigator Award
- Trainee Award
- Translational Research Award 
- Fundamental Research Award
- Video Competition Award

Many congrats to all winners!
More details abou the CRS2020 Annual Meeting in here

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