Prof. Santos' Lab is part of a large selected Academy of Finland Flagship project

GeneCellNano Flagship focuses on the innovation and commercial development of new biological drugs (so-called ATMP products), biomarkers and diagnostics for common chronic diseases. Flagship brings together all Finnish frontline gene therapy, cell therapy and nanotechnology researchers, clinical resources, leading companies and third sector actors. Flagship will create a unique public-private Competence Cluster which has an excellent opportunity to become world leader in this emerging area of biomedicine due to its state-of-the-art innovative basic research, excellent manufacturing technology, pioneering clinical experience and numerous international networks. Flagship aims to significantly increase both domestic and foreign investments in gene, cell and nano therapy, bring new effective therapies to common chronic diseases and create new jobs and companies to biotechnology and drug industry, thus significantly strengthening the development of Finnish economy and society at large.

We are very honored to be part of the fantastic Academy of Finland Flagship project:

Gene, Cell and Nano Therapy Competence Cluster for the Treatment of Chronic Diseases (GeneCellNano),

just approved by the Academy of Finland, and coordinated by Prof. Seppo Yla-Herttuala at University of Eastern Finland and vice-coordinated by Prof. Seppo Vainio at University of Oulu.

The project funding period is 01.07.2020 - 30.04.2023 and totally funding of ca. 5 M€.

We are very excited to work together with such amazing researchers and many other organizations and institutions in this amazing GeneCellNano project.

Super excited to start!

Congrats to all!