Prof. Santos appointed Director of the FinPharmaNet - The Network of Drug Research Doctoral Programmes in Finland

FinPharmaNet is a National collaboration of Drug Doctoral Programmes, including University of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland and University of Turku. In addition to Prof. Santos as Director of the Network, PhD student João Martins in Santos' Lab, was also nominated to the Steering Group Committee of the Network as student representative of the DPDR in University of Helsinki


FinPharmaNet consists of three Drug Research Doctoral Programmes: DRDP in University of Turku, DPDR in University of Helsinki and DRDP in University of Eastern Finland. These partner universities circulate the management of FinPharmaNet and also the Annual Meetings which are the main regular events in the FinPharmaNet collaboration.

More information about the FinPharmaNet can be found in here