P4 FIT consortium 2nd Kick-Off meeting on 29.1.2021

The P4 Fit network met again today for the 2nd KoM day of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions-ITN project. Another very intensive, but very productive day. Thank you all members for the fantastic presentations and discussions. We are thrilled for such amazing group. Looking forward to the next steps.There will be 15 ESRs positions opening soon - stay tuned!


January 29th, 2021 at 10.00–14.00 (Helsinki time)

Chair: Prof. Hélder Santos, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki and Scientific Coordinator of P4 FIT

Opening of the meeting

10.00-10.10     Welcome words by the Chair

10.10–11.15     Official agenda

11.15–11.30     Bio break

11.30–12.30     Official agenda

12.30–13.00     Virtual break

13.00–14.00     Official agenda (cont.)

14.00–15.30     Closed session (Beneficiaries only)


Official agenda (Chair):

- Approval of the agenda and selection of the secretary

- WP2: Training Programme and Secondments – Prof. Hélder Santos (UH)

- Pitch presentations about own ongoing research – All P4 FIT Beneficiaries (6 × 10 min) & Brief description about the ESRs research work  – All Beneficiaries (6 × 10 min)

  • ESR1, ESR5 and ESR13 – Prof. Valentina Russo/Prof. Barbara Barboni (UNITE)
  • ESR2 and ESR 8 –  Prof. Johannes Stöckl (MUW)
  • ESR3, ESR4 and ESR 6 – Prof. Hélder Santos (UH)
  • ESR7, ESR10 and ESR 12 – Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini (FAU)
  • ESR9 and ESR 11 – Prof. Nicholas Forsyth (KU)
  • ESR14 and ESR 15 – Prof. Giovanna Della Porta/Prof. Nicola Maffulli (UNISA)

- WP6&7: Dissemination and Communication Strategy – Prof. Barbara Barboni (UNITE)/Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini (FAU) (10 min)

- Ethical Issues – Prof. Valentina Russo (UNITE) (10 min)

- Any other business & questions

- Date of the next consortium meeting

- Virtual group photo

- Closing remarks