New Book on "Lignin-based Materials for Biomedical Applications" edited by Dr. Patrícia Figueiredo and Prof. Hélder Santos

The first part of the book introduces the basics of lignin, including extraction methods, chemical modifications, structure and composition, and properties that make lignin suitable for biomedical applications. In addition, structural characterization techniques are described in detail. The next chapters focus on the preparation of lignin-based materials for biomedical applications, presenting methodologies for lignin-based nanoparticles, hydrogels, aerogels, and nanofibers, and providing in-depth coverage of lignin-based materials with specific properties—including antioxidant properties, UV absorbing capability, antimicrobial properties, and colloidal particles with tailored properties—and applications, such as drug and gene delivery, and tissue engineering. Finally, future perspectives and possible new applications are considered.

Dr. Patrícia Figueiredo and Professor Hélder A. Santos, from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Helsinki, proudly edited the recent published book “Lignin-based Materials for Biomedical Applications”, published by Elsevier B.V. This book is an essential reference for all those with an interest in lignin-based materials and their biomedical applications, including researchers and advanced students across bio-based polymers, polymer science, polymer chemistry, biomaterials, nanotechnology, materials science and engineering, drug delivery, and biomedical engineering, as well as industrial R&D and scientists involved with bio-based polymers, specifically for biomedical applications.

“This book explores the emerging area of lignin-based materials as a platform for advanced biomedical applications, providing to the reader with a number of chapters on the preparation, characterization, and Implementation of this biomaterial” says Prof. Santos.

As the use of natural and biomaterials the “Lignin-based Materials for Biomedical Applications” textbook provides up-to-date overview on Lignin-based materials for biomedical applications.

This book is a joint effort of many scientists from all over the world. To them, we are all very grateful for the fantastic contributions.