Lab research assistant Alexandra Correia becomes the 13th honorary member of Santos' Lab

The Honorary glass piece called "The freshwater pearl” tells a story about the freshwater pearl mussel’s pearl and Finnish nature produced by Kari Alakoski at Mafka & Alakoski Oy.

Today we celebrate all contributions of lab research assistant/technician has done in our group for the past 6-7 years.
Thank you so much Alexandra Correia for everything you did in our lab. We were so blessed for your amazing work.
All the best wishes as the new appointed Senior Depart. Technician in our Division, as of September 1st.

Many congrats for this promotion and good luck with everything!

Alexandra also became the 13th Honorary Member of Santos' Lab. This is a symbol of recognition for everything you did in our lab all these years. Thank you very much for everything!