Chasing for smart materials: War against Cancer

Podcast of Dr. Mirkka Sarparanta and Prof. Hélder Santos work at the University of Helsinki. They develop nanomedicine, with which to produce cancer treatments that are safer and more efficient for patients.

Nanomedicine can be made to target the affected cells more exactly. It works like a vehicle steered by GPS, taking its passenger to a previously programmed destination. Imaging can be used to look inside the patient and offer personalised, tailored medicine in the future. When smaller doses of the medicine are efficient, will the treatment become cheaper? This is third episode of the science podcast: Chasing for Smart Materials. Mirkka Sarparanta is from Tracers in Molecular Imaging -research group and Hélder Santos from Nanomedicines and Biomedical Engineering –research group at the University of Helsinki.

Here the full discussion in here