The organisation of the Museomics Research Group is based on cultural synergies and diverse experiences in training: we combine Dutch directness (bespreekbaarheid) with Finnish teaching methods to create an ideal atmosphere of inquiry and well-balanced creative environment based on the Central European idea of science workshop (tudományos műhely or wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft).
Peter Poczai

Principal Investigator. Cat person. Canoeing, metal music, poetry, arts, wine & dine. Coffee, and coffee. Did I mention coffee? For a biologist life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

Rocio Deanna

MSCA Postdoctoral researcher and coffee lover working on the evolutionary history of the physaloids (Solanaceae). I am currently focused on the evolutionary patterns of the inflated fruiting calyx, a morphological innovation characteristic of the physaloids. My main question is how this inflated calyx has affected diversification and macroevolutionary dispersion rates. To address this, I will integrate genomes, fossils, morphology, and biogeography. More about this project here.

Saeideh Javid

Postdoctoral researcher currently working on Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) to uncover candidate genes linked to the germination performance of bread wheat under salt stress. I'm interested in understanding plant resilience and agrobiodiversity in the face of environmental change.

Zoárd Kenessey

Doctoral student (AGFOREE) working with the intriguing world of plant host-pathogen interactions. My current focus is about deciphering the evolutionary dynamics of Oomycetes, specifically Peronospora sparsa, in conjunction with Nordic Rubus species. Employing advanced museomics techniques, I explore the historical genomes of these pathogens within herbarium specimens, aiming to uncover their evolutionary secrets across time.

Niko R. Johansson

Doctoral student interested in all things fungal-lichen-algal-botanical and more. Currently working with fungal-bird dispersal interactions, algal plastid genomes & lichen systematics. Spokesperson for underappreciated organisms, Olympic coach for biology in Finland, aerial acrobat and skilled in juggling with one too many side projects.

Hosein Ahmadi

Doctoral student (EDUFI) currently working on transcriptome and small-RNA profiling of metabolically extreme genotypes within thyme species. My research mainly focuses on chemo-diversity of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) and the underlying transcriptional-level drivers behind phytochemical variations. I'm also highly interested in evolutionary genomics and phylogenetic studies of MAPs.

Sundre Winslow

Master's student at the University of Helsinki studying Integrative Plant Sciences. Research interests include plant phylogenomics, phylogeography, and evolution. Currently working with Solanum nigrum. Loves reading, playing the flute, cycling, and visiting art museums.


Oussama Benmehidi (PhD)
Furrukh Mehmood (PhD)
Ali Amiryousefi (PhD)

International and National Collaboration