Master's and doctoral students are an essential part of our research team.

We are making every effort to share own experience and nurture professional development of young talented scientists. Through open and critical discussions of published literature at journal clubs and active participation and presentation of their data in seminars, students get involved in all steps of the research project – from planning to benchwork to the data analysis and reporting.

We strongly favour problem-based and outcomes-based teaching/learning approach where fundamental theoretical learning skills achieved by students through active construction of knowledge are complemented with critical reading and analysis of up-to-date scientific results and exposure to novel ideas at the conferences and seminars. Stimulating creative and “out of the box” thinking is strongly encouraged. Practical laboratory skills and careful and attentive approach to work are, obviously, very important for molecular biology research; however, in order to be successful in the lab, the students should clearly understand the logic of experimental design, chemistry and physics of experimental methods, and mathematics of data analysis. We aim to give our students this multidisciplinary view of experimental work, stimulate their interest in learning broad areas of modern science and encourage their commitment to continuous self-development.

In the long term, investing in time and effort in teaching good students it crucial for the success of the research team as a whole.

Student: if you are interested in joining our lab, please don't hesitate to contact us!