Latest re­search pro­jects.
6AIKA EduDigi

The project 6AIKA EduDigi focuses on how to enhance the application of gaming technologies  in learning. The project is carried out by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Science Center Heureka, University of Helsinki, and Tietomaa Science Center.

Researchers: Kristiina Kumpulainen, Leenu Juurola, Heikki Santti, Juha Järvinen.

This project is funded by European Regional Development Fund. Duration: 1.8.2016 – 31.7.2018

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Actualizing giftedness

The project is part of international Olympiad studies. The purpose of the project is to investigate how gifted people in science have actualized their giftedness in their studies and in their professional and personal life. In addition to Olympists we study mathematically gifted special school (Päivölä) students and international Millennium Youth Camp students and their communities.

Researchers: Kirsi Tirri (Research Leader), Elina Kuusisto, Sonja Laine

Challenge of the Empty Space

Part projects:

1) What is creativity in drama and theatre education? 

2) What is quality in drama and theatre education?

3) Developing Teachers' Body Awareness and Holistic Interactions Using Theatre Based Methods.

Researchers Tapio Toivanen

Duration: 2011-

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CoCuCo: Constituting Cultures of Compassion in Early Childhood Education

CoCuCo research project studies constitution of compassion in early childhood settings. The proposed research project CoCuCo will make a new contribution to existing lines of research on compassion in three ways: We study compassion as a socioculturally mediated activity in two cultural contexts, in preschools in Finland and in Singapore. Studying compassion in naturalistic social interactions we are likely to yield informative cultural differences in compassion related to vocabulary, scripts, and rules, that govern how compassion should be expressed, and will learn, how policy objectives and organisational structures might either foster or impede compassion. Working towards cultures of compassion, we aim to design inclusive spaces, spaces where dignity and safety are norms, diversity is recognized and accepted, and everyone feels encouraged, supported, and included. Thirdly, our study deals compassion with children under school age, in their everyday social interactions. The project will produce new scientific knowledge about cultures of compassion, and their development.

Researchers: Lasse Lipponen (Group Leader), Antti Rajala, Jaakko Hilppö, Annukka Pursi

Funded by Academy of Finland 2016-2020.

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CO-LAB - Improving collaborative working between correctional and mental health services

The aim of this study is to validate the change laboratory model ready for implementation in practice.

Project team: Anu Kajamaa (Project Manager), Sami Paavola, Yrjö Engeström

Funded by H2020-EU.1.3.3. - Stimulating innovation by means of cross-fertilisation of knowledge (2017-2021)

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CoPErNicus: Changing Mindsets about Learning: Connecting Psychological, Educational, and Neuroscientific Evidence

This research is focused on investigating students’, teachers’ and parents’ mindsets related to learning. Our research is motivated by the impact mindsets have been shown to have on students’ school achievement, future orientation and educational choices. In this project we connect psychological, educational, and neuroscientific evidences to construct a Mindset intervention program that will improve students’ learning outcomes.

Researchers: Kirsi Tirri (Research Leader), Elina Kuusisto, Sonia Laine.

Collaborators: Teija Kujala, Petri Nokelainen, Inkeri Rissanen

Funding: Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies. Duration: 1/09/2010 – present.

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Development of a new web-based worksite induction for construction industry

The development project provides a digital web-based worksite induction system, which makes it possible to enhance and improve worksite induction for construction sites.

Research Team: Heidi Husari (Project Leader), Tarja Mäki, Satu Sahlstedt.

Project is carried out by Rateko.

Funded by Suomen Rakennusmedia / The Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT. Duration: 1.8.2016 - 31.3.2018.

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DigiPrintNetwork is a cross-disciplinary project combining concept development, consumer research and network-learning analysis of the small-enterprise network whose aim is to collaboratively plan and implement customized product and service concepts for consumer groups in the textile, clothing and interior digital printing industry. The network jointly designs and implements customizable product and service concept for consumer-customers. The research within the project aims at understanding the impact of web-based collaborative work concept on the management and development of diverse network activities. University of Helsinki and Aalto University are responsible for conducting the research on learning in networks and consumer research respectively, while Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is responsible for the practical implementation of the project.

Researchers: Tuiti Paju (Project Manager), Hanna Toiviainen, Liubov Vetoshkina, Heidi Paavilainen, Kirsi Niinimäki, Piritta Lauri.

The duration of the project is 1.3.2015 – 31.5.2017.

Funding is provided by TEKES.

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Digital Computer Games for Learning in the Nordic Countries

This project aims to provide teachers and other professionals, who are willing to employ digital games in a learning context, with relevant resources. The project is centered around an interactive website, where teachers and other DGBL (Digital Game Based Learning) enthusiasts, can access research and information about digital game based learning, overviews of relevant learning games, learning plans and instructions, as well as get in contact with others who are practicing game based learning. A network of teachers who are currently practicing DGBL would be an important precondition for the website. A part of the project would therefore focus on creating the network and activating the teachers as sources for learning plans and feedback for the development of the web page.

Researchers: Robin Munkvold (Project Leader), Kristiina Kumpulainen, Gerhard Molin

Funded by Nordplus Horizaontal (2016-2019).

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The digital literacy and multimodal practices of young children (DigiLitEY)

Young children are growing up in highly technologised societies across Europe. The aim of this COST Action is to develop an interdisciplinary network that enables researchers to synthesise existing research and identify gaps in knowledge in this area. This will help to avoid duplication, foster innovative avenues for future research and effectively advance knowledge in this area. The Action focuses on children aged from 0-8.

Researchers: Jackie Marsch (PI), Kristiina Kumpulainen

Funded  by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020.

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EDIC+: Education for Democratic Intercultural Citizenship+

The program actively wants to enhance the cooperation between European universities. The focus is on intensive cooperation between students and teachers. Our intensive program focuses in particular on social, cultural and political dimensions of these developments, on developing a democratic intercultural citizenship.

Researchers: Wiel Veugelers (Project Coordinatior), Kirsi Tirri.

Funded by Lifelong Learning Program Erasmus, 2016-2019. Duration: 1/09/2016-31/08/2019.

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The Emer­gence of Agency: Found­a­tions for Edu­ca­tional Change from Be­low

Annalisa Sannino's Academy Research Fellowship (2012-2017, No 264972) provided by Academy of Finland, Research Council for Culture and Society. 

Drawing on Vygotsky’s principle of double stimulation and the related tradition of formative interventions, three studies are conducted providing empirical examples of alternative conceptual and methodological paths to understanding and investigating how transformative agency emerges and how it is enacted.

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Empowering People towards Socially Inclusive Society (2022-24)

Empowering People towards Socially Inclusive Society (2022-24)

Researchers: Virpi Lund

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The implementation and stabilization of new management methods in building design, planning and production

The research project provides new knowledge about the implementation, dissemination and stabilization of new methods in building design, planning and production. The purpose is to improve the realization, productivity and safety of building projects through the development and stabilization of new methods.

Researchers: Anssi Koskenvesa (Group Leader), Tarja Mäki, Hannele Kerosuo and Terhi Esko.

The project is carried out by Mittaviiva Oy.

Funded by Finnish Work Environment (1.2.2016 - 31.3.2018)

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The Joy of Learning Multiliteracy (MOI)

The Joy of Learning Multiliteracy (MOI) development programme is designed to promote multiliteracy among children. It is targeted for personnel working in early childhood education, pre-school and the initial stages of primary education (years 1 and 2 of compulsory schooling), as well as in the library and cultural sector. The aim of the MOI programme is to develop operating models to boost children’s multiliteracy and reinforce expertise among personnel working with children educational and cultural institutions. This multidisciplinary development programme addresses cultural and gender-related inequalities and promotes every child’s learning opportunities to support equality in the area of multiliteracy in formative environments for small children aged 0–8.

Researchers:  Kristiina Kumpulainen (PI), Satu Valkoinen, Sara Sintonen, Jenni Vartiainen.

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Learn­ing by Mak­ing: The edu­ca­tional po­ten­tial of school-based maker­spaces for young learners’ di­gital com­pet­en­cies (iMake)

Whilst there has been a range of European work that has focused on promoting digital competencies of all citizens, to date, limited research attention has been paid to the development of digital competencies among younger learners. Even less attention, has been paid into educational activities that position children as active, creative and critical investigators of and with digital technologies. The proposed project will address this gap by investigating young learners’ (aged 7 to 12 years old) digital literacy practices and digital competence development in so called makerspaces in two Finnish schools.

Principal investigator (PI): Kristiina Kumpulainen.

The project is funded by the Academy of Finland (01.09.2017 - 31.08.2020)

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Learning from projects: Managing, organizing and coordinating of building information modeling in building projects

Researchers: Hannele Kerosuo (Project Manager), Sami Paavola, Reijo Miettinen, Tarja Mäki

Funded by The Finnish Work Environment Fund (2015-2016).

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Learning in Productive Social Movements

The project analyzes the nature and potentials of learning within productive social movements. Social movements are powerful arenas for learning how to initiate societal change and gain transformative agency. The motivational and interactional intensity of social movements is often seen as a desirable model for human learning in general. However, relatively little rigorous research has been conducted on the actual mechanisms and processes of learning within social movements.

Researchers: Yrjö Engeström (PI), Juhana Rantavuori, Kukka Ranta, Mikael Brunila

The project is part of the Adacemy of Finland Research Programme: Future of Learning, Knowledge and Skills TULOS 2014–2017

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Makerspaces in the early years: Enhancing digital literacy and creativity (MakEY)

This project explores the place of the rising ‘maker’ culture in the development of children’s digital literacy and creative design skills. Research projects will be undertaken in seven EU countries (Denmark, Germany, Finland, Iceland, Norway Romania, UK) and the USA in which staff working in makerspaces (including Fab Labs) will collaborate with academics to identify the benefits and challenges of running makerspace workshops in both formal (nurseries and schools) and informal (museums and libraries) educational settings. The research team will work in partnership with academics in Australia, Canada, Colombia, South Africa and the USA, creating a global network of scholars who will work together to further understanding of the role of makerspaces in developing young children’s digital literacy and creativity.

Researchers: Antti Rajala, Jaakko Hilppö and Kristiina Kumpulainen

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Makerspaces, Steam learning and Educational Equity

This project investigates how a novel educational makerspace called the FUSE Studio enables, restricts and challenges students’ engagement, learning and identity formation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) within the contexts of Finnish elementary and secondary schools as well as a science center. It will unpack the dynamics between the motivations that young people bring into their maker activities and the demands that these activities pose on their engagement, learning and identity formation. In doing so, the project will disclose the developmental potential of the FUSE Studio concept for individual growth, as well as for institutional transformation

Researchers: Antti Rajala, Jaakko Hilppö and Kristiina Kumpulainen

Teachers' Moral Competence in Pedagogical Encounters (MoCo)

The purpose of the project is to examine teachers’ moral competence in pedagogical encounters.

Reserachers: Kirsi Tirri (Research Leader), Eija Hanhimäki, Elina Kuusisto, Khalil Gholami, Nasibeh Hedayati. 

Collaborators: Inkeri Rissanen, Petri Nokelainen.

Funding: various resources including CIMO and Finnish Cultural Foundation. Duration: 2011-present.

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Purposeful teaching

In this project, we study goals and methods intended to promote purposeful teaching in different educational contexts. We also examine what factors influence youth purpose development. Our study regarding development of youth purpose is part of a three-year, multinational research study on how educational experiences can help students find a strong sense of purpose for their lives.

Researchers: Kirsi Tirri (Research Leader), Elina Kuusisto, Niina Maaninen, Nasibeh Hedayati.

Funded by The John Templeton Foundation, 2014-2017.

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Sun Idea / Your Idea

Sun Idea - osal­lis­tu­va bud­je­toin­ti kau­pun­gin­osa­ke­hit­tä­mi­ses­sä – Your idea - Participatory Budgeting as a tool for public engagement in the development of a local urban neighbourhood (2017-18)

Researchers: Virpi Lund.

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Välittävät Valittavat Verkostot – Caring and Sharing Networks (2013-15)

Välittävät Valittavat Verkostot – Caring and Sharing Networks (2013-15)

Researchers: Virpi Lund

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Doctoral Research Projects

Dissertation projects of  the LECI Expert Group doctoral students.

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