LECI group members represented our expert group in the EARLI SIG 10, 21, & 25 Conference in Belgrade

A conference paper entitled 'Negotiating Collective Innovation practices in a Makerspace' by Jasmiina Leskinen, Anu Kajamaa, and Kristiina Kumpulainen was presented at the EARLI SIG 10, 25, & 21 Conference in Belgrade in September. The presented research study is part of Jasmiina's PhD dissertation project.

Our LECI group member Jasmiina Leskinen presented a conference paper at the EARLI SIG 10, 21, & 25 Conference in Belgrade, Serbia, in September 2022. The conference paper is co-authored by LECI group leaders Anu Kajamaa and Kristiina Kumpulainen. The presented paper is part of Jasmiina's ongoing PhD research project.

Her paper entitled 'Negotiating Collective Innovation Practices in a Makerspace' looked at how students and teachers collectively construct practices that support students' learning to innovate. The presented study used ethnographic video data of Finnish elementary school students’ and their teachers’ interaction in a primary school makerspace. The presented paper discussed the crucial role of such practices and also the contextual factors of makerspaces – such as the appreciation of personal projects and teachers' orientation to teaching in a makerspace – for enhancing collective innovation practices.

Altogether the conference gathered researchers from all around the world to discuss state-of the-art research on social interaction in learning and instruction (SIG 10), learning and teaching in culturally diverse settings (SIG 21), and educational theory (SIG 25). 

To learn more about the research presented in the conference, see the conference book of abstracts here

To learn more about the special interest groups, see their websites:

SIG 10: Social Interaction in Learning and Instruction

SIG 21: Learning and Teaching in Culturally Diverse Settings

SIG 25: Educational Theory