Doctoral candidates and early career researchers will give a poster-seminar on the Friday 9th of March from 10 to 13 at Siltavuorenpenger 5A, room K108 (Minerva building).

The poster seminar session will begin with all attendees viewing poster presentations. Then, we will move into brief presentations to the audience gathered as a group, followed by direct discussion with poster presenters providing the presenter an opportunity to gain valuable individualized comments. We are very happy to announce the names of the presenters and the titles of their posters, which are the following: 

Merja Hautakangas: The development of a child's self-regulation skills in Kids'Skills-intervention 

Jaakko Hilppö: Children’s projects: a proposal for a research agenda 

Jasmiina Korhonen: Children's leadership and forms of collaboration in a novel learning environment 

Mika Letonsaari: Nonlinear storytelling in education 

Virpi Lund: Residents’ collective agency and learning through participation in urban development 

Mikko Niemelä: Teachers’ Knowledge Integrating the Curriculum 

Birgit Paju: Fostering Inclusive Education in schools -teaching staff’s perceptions and contradictions 

Lauri Pynnönen: Education in emergencies: The effect of collaborative teaching on teacher digital skills development  

Rachel Sinquefield-Kangas: The socio-cultural interpretations that lie between us: Exploring empathy in 21st century visual arts pedagogy 

Marika Toivola: Teachers’ Agency and Identity in Flipped Learning 


Everyone interested is very welcome to join the seminar!