Professor Kristiina Kumpulainen from Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki, will give a seminar on Friday 8th of December at 9:00-11:00, in Siltavuorenpenger 5A (Minerva building), in the seminar room K108. The invited commentators will be Emeritus Professor Reijo Miettinen and Dr. Anu Kajamaa, University of Helsinki.

In the seminar, prof. Kumpulainen will introduce The Joy of Learning Multiliteracies (MOI) research and development program funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The leading aim of the MOI programme is to develop inclusive and sustained pedagogical models and learning environments for the enhancement of young children's (0-8 years old) multiliteracies in early childhood and pre-primary education, initial stages of primary education (Grades 1-2), as well as in library and cultural sectors. The program is realised via research-practice partnerships drawing on social design experiments and formative interventions methodologies. In her talk, professor Kumpulainen will elaborate on the concept of multiliteracies drawing on the grounding work of the New London Group and sociocultural theorising. She will also reflect on the rationale for introducing multiliteracies in Finnish curriculum reform, pointing out some challenges efforts to define and promote multiliteracies in education are facing. The presentation will continue to explaining the theoretical and methodological premises of the MOI-program, and providing empirical insights into the ongoing research and development work in MOI-communities.

In preparation for the seminar, please visit the website of the MOI -programme at:

Everyone interested is very welcome to join the seminar!