Project description

The Language Regulation in Academia (LaRA) research project explores different forms and practices of language regulation in academic settings.

Language regulation is understood in broad terms, as all the various ways in which language users intervene in, monitor or manage their own and others’ language use. Forms of regulation range from institutional language policies and guidelines to the provision of language support and negotiation over norms of acceptability during collaborative writing processes.

In the project, we explore practices of regulation in different settings and different types of language use. Our case studies focus for example on research writing, administrative writing and the provision of language support. We also look at what kinds of top-down mechanisms of regulation are in place, including guidelines on language use, language policy documents and language competence requirements.

The project was funded by the Kone Foundation 2015-2019 and 2021-2022. It is situated at the Department of Languages, University of Helsinki.

You can find the privacy notice of the research project in English and in Finnish below.

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Our offices are located in Kaisaniemi at Metsätalo, one of the city centre campus buildings. Our mail address is:

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