"Candidates in the running" study will be published on 1 October

The study is based on "The Finnish parliamentary candidates study 2019" post-election survey. The study will be published by the Ministry of Justice.

The study “Candidates in the running” presents new knowledge of how parliamentary candidates campaign and how they relate to their party and to the voters. The study is carried out by 14 researchers from the University of Helsinki, Tampere University, University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. It is a part of the Academy Project IntraComp led by professor Åsa von Schoultz. The report is mainly based on the post-election survey ”The Finnish parliamentary candidates study 2019”, but it also utilizes data from the Finnish National Election Studies, interviews of party actors, voting advice applications and official candidate statistics. The study will be published in the publication series of Ministry of Justice on 1 October 2020.