Candidates in the running

About the study
  • The study is a result of a longstanding collaboration between University of Helsinki, Tampere and Turku, and Åbo Akademi.
  • Part of Academy of Finland funded IntraComp project that seeks to unravel competition between candidates within parties.
  • Based on the post-election survey The Finnish parliamentary candidates study 2019 that is part of an international Comparative Candidates Survey project. The post-election survey for Finnish candidates has been carried out four times.
  • The survey was sent to all candidates that were running in the 2019 parliamentary election. The total number of respondents was 770 (31 %).
  • The study also utilizes data regarding election surveys directed to voters, interviews with party officials, voting advice application data and official candidate statistics.

Candidates are in the center of the study

Selecting candidates and campaigning

  • What kind of candidates were parties after? (Chapter 2)
  • How did the candidates campaign and how were their campaigns funded? (Chapter 3)
  • Did candidates face campaign interference? (Chapter 4)
  • Who were elected? (Chapter 5)

Ideological positioning of candidates and their attitudes

  • Candidates' views on the state of democracy (Chapter 6)
  • Candidates' views on the time span of decision-making (Chapter 7)
  • Who did the candidates feel representing after getting elected? (Chapter 8)
  • Are there any gender differences regarding qualifications of different political issues? (Chapter 9)
  • Candidates positioning on left-right and cultural dimension (Chapter 10)

Link to the study (Ministry of Justice publication site):

Candidates in the running: The 2019 Parliamentary election

Link to the survey questionnaire (in Finnish):