Here you can find all the current members of the HelTeq group, visitors included.
Principal Investigator

Sabrina Maniscalco

Sabrina is a Professor of Quantum Information, Computing and Logic at the University of Helsinki. She is CEO and co-founder of Algorithmiq Ltd, a startup focusing on quantum algorithms for Life Sciences. She has been working on Quantum Technology for over 20 years, focusing on noise in quantum devices, complex quantum systems and quantum simulations. Sabrina has coordinated several international and interdisciplinary projects and is recognized as one of the leading experts in Quantum Technologies.


Marco Cattaneo

Marco got his MS from the University of Milan in 2018, and his PhD in 2023 from both the University of Helsinki and the University of the Balearic Islands in a cotutelle program. After a period as a researcher at Algorithmiq Ltd and Aalto University, he has started a postdoc at Helteq in February 2024. His main scientific interests are the foundations of quantum and statistical mechanics, open quantum systems, and quantum simulation. Marco is a chess player and loves world cinema and mountaineering. He does not love Nicola's puns.

Cecilia Chiaracane

Cecilia, originally from Palermo, joined Helteq as a postdoc in February 2023 right after completing her PhD degree in Trinity College Dublin, focused on quantum thermodynamics and transport in complex quantum systems. Currently, she is deeply involved in outreach and communication for quantum science as content developer for the european project QTIndu (quantum technologies courses for industry) and team member of QPlayLearn. She likes listening to noisy bands and reading sci-fi [skifi] novels.


Vinayak Jagadish

Vinayak hails from Bharath. His research focuses on the theory of open quantum systems, with special emphasis on positive maps, non-Markovianity and error-correction. Prior to joining HelTeq, he held postdoc stints in the groups of Prof. Francesco Petruccione (Durban) and Prof. Karol Życzkowski (Kraków). He is trained in Carnatic music as well.


Akash Kundu

Akash was born and raised in Kolkata, India, also known as Bharat. 
Recently, he attained his PhD from the Institute of Theoretical and 
Applied Informatics at the Polish Academy of Sciences. At the beginning 
of May 2024, he started a postdoc at Helteq. His main interests lie in 
classical machine learning-driven variational quantum algorithms and 
quantum architecture search problems. Moreover, he actively contributes to 
Qindia ( as a steering committee member. Through this 
initiative, he strives to raise awareness and foster engaging discussions 
and events on quantum-related topics among individuals from diverse 
backgrounds. Beyond his academic pursuits, he finds peace in activities 
such as running, long walks, appreciating classical music, and exploring 
philosophical literature.


Stefano Mangini

Stefano got his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Theoretical Physics from the Univ. of Trieste, and a PhD in Quantum Computing from the Univ. of Pavia. His research interest lies in variational quantum algorithms and their intersection with machine learning. An optimistic possibilist, he loves cooking, good food, and everything related to nature, especially hiking.


PhD students

Keijo Korhonen

Keijo obtained his MSc in theoretical and computational methods at the University of Helsinki and is now doing an industrial PhD there together with Algorithmiq. His research focuses on measurements in quantum algorithms for near-term quantum computing. Keijo maintains his Finnish, Japanese and Swiss roots and loves badminton, bouldering and playing the piano.

Joonas Malmi

Joonas graduated from University of Turku with a Master’s degree in Theoretical Physics. He’s currently doing an industrial PhD with Algorithmiq and University of Helsinki because of his interests in quantum computing and working at the forefront of industry. On his off-time Joonas enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and playing the guitar and trumpet. He dreams of one day playing a carnyx.

Anton Nykänen

Anton is doing an industrial PhD at the University of Helsinki with Algorithmiq Ltd. He completed a Master’s degree in theoretical physics at the University of Turku. His academic interests range from quantum computing to emergent phenomena from quantum entanglement. His free time is filled with climbing, playing various wind instruments, board games, reading and spontaneous activities.

Nicola Pranzini

Nicola is a PhD student at the University of Helsinki. He got his MS at the University of Florence, working on the measurement problem, the quantum-toclassical crossover, and the black hole information paradox. He is interested in relativistic quantum information, foundations of quantum theory and quantum gravity, with a focus on low-energy behaviour. When not at work, it's possible to spot Nicola along long hikes, designing board games, or plotting terrible puns.

Leander Thiessen

Leander holds a BSc in physics from the Univ. of Göttingen and a MSc in physics from the Univ. of Vienna. Currently he is pursuing an industrial PhD with Algorithmiq and the Univ. of Helsinki, focusing on developing quantum algorithms for applications in quantum chemistry. Leander is a passionate yet infrequent piano player with a lifelong dream of learning Jazz. He enjoys cooking, bouldering, and going to classical music concerts.



Daniele Trisciani

Daniele graduated from the University of Bologna with a Master's degree in Theoretical Physics in 2023. He is currently doing a PhD at the University of Helsinki on variational quantum algorithms applied to combinatorial problems. Daniele enjoys nature, hiking, strategy videogames, and boardgames.

Antti Vaaranta

Antti is a PhD student working on quantum thermodynamics of superconducting circuits in a collaboration between Aalto university (supervised by Jukka Pekola in the PICO group) and the University of Helsinki (supervised by Paolo Muratore Ginnaneschi and Marco Cattaneo). He spends his free time participating and contributing to various activities by Karjalainen Osakunta.

E-learning developer

Bogdan Ene

Bogdan has studied design (all areas except textile) with focus on graphic design and front-end web development. His plan is to eventually change how people create and distribute e-learning content on the web and on mobile to a more modern, accessible and intuitive way. Bogdan can support the group with fancy graphics and animations for presentations, web design and development or e-learning development.


Project planner

Giulia Buccolieri

Giulia has quite a diverse background: from academic studies in languages and education, to web development and product design, to work experiences in learning and development, social media and content creation. Her phone gallery is (way too) full of pictures of her cats and dog. When she is not gaming or watching TV shows, she is surely taking more photos of her pets.


Project coordinator

Hewan Zewde

Hewan received her bachelor’s degree from Addis Ababa university in Sociology and Social Anthropology. She later moved to Helsinki to pursue her studies and received her master’s degree, with a major in Sociology in 2018. Her responsibility at HelTeq is handling the project’s administrative tasks.


Visiting researchers

Caterina Foti

Caterina got her PhD in quantum foundations from the University of Florence. In addition to post-doctoral research in Florence and Helsinki at Aalto University, she taught in high schools and American universities. She is currently a senior researcher and outreach coordinator at Algorithmiq Ltd and a visiting postdoc at Helteq. She is in love with the quantum world and passionate about innovative education and outreach. She always looks on the bright side and is a theatre actress. 


Matteo A. C. Rossi

Matteo is a Docent at the University of Helsinki. He holds a PhD in Quantum Physics from the University of Milan and did postdoctoral research at University of Turku and Aalto University (Finland). His main research interests are in quantum simulation and computation, quantum metrology, quantum walks and open quantum systems. He also loves programming (classical and quantum) computers.