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We offer one PhD position in quantum computation at the University of Helsinki (3 years starting from January 2024), supervised by Prof. Sabrina Maniscalco and Dr. Zoltan Zimboras (external supervisor). The preliminary title of the PhD studies is: “Quantum gate compilation and error mitigation schemes: from near-term to fault tolerant quantum computers”. The PhD student will join the vibrant Helteq group at UH:

Interested applicants should send an email to including:

- A detailed CV.

- The transcript of records of their master’s studies.

- At least one letter of recommendation.

- A brief and simple motivation statement for the PhD position (a couple of sentences describing your interests, no need for chatGPT).

The best applicants will be invited to apply for an official call of the University of Helsinki open between August 27 and September 9 ( One candidate will be chosen for this position through the call, and the results should be known roughly during November 2023. For this reason, the starting date in January 2024 is quite strict. Note that eligible candidates should obtain the master’s title by the end of 2023. The position comes with benefits such as travel money for the PhD candidate.

After sending the required documents to, please wait until the end of August. We will give you an answer between August 23 and August 30. Please refrain from contacting the supervisors or the contact person at Helteq directly via their personal email addresses regarding this position before receiving a response at the end of August, as this would automatically disqualify the candidate.