World class facilities in Chemicum.

HelsinkiALD has excellent facilities for ALD precursor synthesis and characterisation (XRD, NMR, MS, TGA, FTIR). For thin film deposition, our group has eleven ALD reactors. One tool is equipped with QMS and QCM for in situ reaction mechanism studies, and one with a plasma source. A new vacuum cluster tool connects a genuine and versatile ALD reactor in vacuo to a number of surface analytical techniques like XPS, Auger, EELS and TPD. In addition, the group has many kinds of solution methods for surface treatment, film deposition and nanostructure fabrication. Electron beam and thermal evaporators and spin and dip coaters for sol-gel complete the set of film deposition techniques available. Electrospinning and electroblowing setups have been built for nanofiber fabrication.

For characterization of thin films and nanomaterials, we have a comprehensive set of techniques available: XRD and XRR, both with a high temperature option; FESEM-EDX; FIB/SEM dual beam microscope with EDX, nanomanipulator, heater stage, and environmental (low vacuum) mode; SPM (AFM/STM with many variations); UV-Vis and FTIR; photoresponse and electrical measurements (I-V, C-V, surface resistance, polarization). We offer characterization services using our infrastructure. Go to "Contact" for more information!

Collaboration with material physics and molecular science research groups on the same campus adds ion beam techniques (ToF-ERDA, RBS, PIXE), x-ray absorption (XANES) and Raman spectroscopy to the characterization methods readily available. TEM can be accessed on Viikki campus and at Aalto University.

Visit our ALD laboratory with the help of the following 360 video tour.

Check out also how our ALD/surface analysis cluster tool came to be.