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Helsinki Health Study produces new scientific knowledge about the contribution of work and other areas of life to health, functioning and well-being.

The latest follow-up survey was conducted in spring 2022.

Cover letter

Health survey

Helsinki Health Study

April 2022


Dear recipient,

In 2017, you took part in a survey carried out by the Department of Public Health of the University of Helsinki. The survey investigated the health and well-being of the employees of the City of Helsinki. We thank you for your participation and invite you to participate in the follow-up survey.

This follow-up phase is targeted to all participants of the first phase of the study, regardless of their current job or possible lack of employment. The aim of this follow-up survey is to find out how the health, well-being, and functioning of the study population have changed during the intervening years, and which factors have contributed to them. By participating in the study, you help us gain valuable information in order to improve the health and well-being of the working-age population.

Your participation is voluntary. However, every answer we receive is highly important for the success of the study. Employees of the City of Helsinki may fill in the questionnaire during their working hours. The information you provide is treated in the strictest confidence. The data is disclosed solely in accordance with our data ptotection statement and used for scientific purposes only.

We invite you to fill in the attached questionnaire and return it fully filled-in within a week’s time in the enclosed envelope. Alternatively, you can fill in the questionnaire online using the personal login details that can be found at the top of the letter. Ten randomly selected participants will be gifted an S Group gift card worth €50.

For more information on participating in the survey, you can contact project planner Jade Knop, MSocSc (050 438 6163), the email address or the undersigned. You can also learn more about the study on our website.

Thank you for your effort!

Kind regards,

Tea Lallukka

Professor, head of research group

Faculty of Medicine

PO Box 20 (Tukholmankatu 8 B)

00014 University of Helsinki

Phone: 029 41 27544

Anne Kouvonen

Professor, deputy head of research group

Faculty of Social Sciences

PO Box 54 (Unioninkatu 37)

00014 University of Helsinki

Phone: 029 41 24593