Research highlights

Our most recent research highlights.

Segregation of Ni at early stages of radiation damage in NiCoFeCr solid solution alloys,
F. Tuomisto, I. Makkonen, J. Heikinheimo, F. Granberg, F. Djurabekova, K. Nordlund, G. Vlisa, H. Bei, H. Xue, W.J. Weber, Y. Zhang.
Acta Materialia, Volume 196, Pages 44-51, 1 September 2020

Interfacial N Vacancies in GaN/(Al,Ga)N/GaN Heterostructures,
Vera Prozheeva, Ilja Makkonen, Haoran Li, Stacia Keller, Umesh K. Mishra, and Filip Tuomisto.
Phys. Rev. Applied, 13, 044034, 13 April 2020

Insights into the primary radiation damage of silicon by a machine learning interatomic potential,
A. Hamedani , J. Byggmästar , F. Djurabekova, G. Alahyarizadeh, R. Ghaderi , A. Minuchehr, K. Nordlund.
Materials Research Letters, pages 364-372, 01 Jun 2020