Doctoral theses

Skurnik Eliel 1956 A contribution to the study of high frequency ion source.

Brenner Mårten 1959 Gamma radiation from proton capture in aluminium at the 991 keV resonance, Prof., ÅA.

Kantele Juhani 1959 On the level structure of B10, Prof., JY.

Nystén Karl-Edvard 1960 Resonances in and gamma rays from Mg25(p,gamma)Al26.

Spring Erik 1963 An investigation of the P31(p,gamma)S32 reaction at the proton energies 642 keV, 812 keV, 1116 keV, and 1147 keV, Prof., HY.

Wendt Gerhard 1963 On the decay of states in Si28 excited by 1200-1320 keV protons.

Siltanen Olavi 1964 Gamma rays from the resonance reactions Cl35(p,gamma)Ar36 and Cl37(p,gamma)Ar38 in the proton energy region 1050 keV - 1150 keV.

Koskelin Martti 1964 On the decay of the Si28 levels excited at the 1002 keV, 1024 keV, 1089 keV, 1096 keV and 1117 keV Al27(p,gamma)Si28 resonances.

Bister Martti 1964 On the imaging properties of the homogeneous-field magnetic heavy-particle spectrographs, Prof., TKK.

Holmberg Peter 1967 Investigations of excited nuclear states, Prof., HY.

Stenman Folke 1967 On the use of a ruby laser for exciting Raman scattering from coloured powders, Prof., HY.

Anttila Asko 1967 Experimental studies of nuclear states and decay modes, Prof., HY.

Pakkanen Ahti 1967 Excited states of 52Cr populated in the decay of 52m,gMn and 52V, Prof. JY.

Luukko Antti 1968 Investigations of levels and transitions in light and medium -heavy nuclei, Prof.

Hattula Jorma 1969 On the level structure of the spherical even-even nuclei 106Pd and 118Sn, Prof., JY.

Fontell Armas 1970 Some experiments on the production, stopping and collection of ion beams. Chief engineer, AL.

Forsblom Ingmar 1971 Experimental studies of the 28Si and 32Si nuclei.

Liukkonen Esko 1971 Experimental studies on the level structures of some spherical even-even nuclei, Prof. JY.

Arminen Erkki 1971 Ion bombardment of solids in an electromagnetic isotope separator .

Viitasalo Mikko 1971 Experimental studies of excited nuclear states in 23Na, 32S and 42Ca nuclei, Prof.

Fant Björn 1972 High-spin states in the lead region, Senior assistant, HY.

Kiuru Aaro 1972 Experimental studies of odd mass nuclei with proton numbers 23 and 29.

Leminen Eero 1972 Experimental studies on ion stopping and channeling in solids.

Sundius Tom 1972 Force field calculations on some chloroalkanes, Amanuensis, HY.

Piiparinen Matti 1972 Investigation of nuclear lifetimes and decay modes in some light nuclei .

Tuurnala Timo 1974 Low-energy excitations of three deformed odd-mass nuclei 153Gd, 155Gd and 173Tm.

Puhakka Pertti 1974 Level structure of 157Tb from the decay of 157Dy, Prof.

Kairento Anna-Liisa 1974 Determination of elemental composition of biological samples from measurements of the interaction of radiation with matter.

Keinonen Juhani 1974 Experimental studies of isobaric analogue states in 22Na, 35Cl, 37Cl, 39K and 59Co nuclei, Prof., HY.

Penttinen Seppo 1977 Experimental studies of electromagnetic transitions in the selfconjugated 30P, 32S and 34Cl nuclei through the (p,gamma) reaction, Prof.

Luomajärvi Mikko 1978 Experimental studies on the slowing down of energetic ions in some metals.

Katajanheimo Rauno 1979 Particle-rotor model description of the low-energy excitations in the N=89 nuclei.

Weckström Kurt 1980 Beam-foil studies of atomic level decays in nitrogen and aluminum ions.

Weckström Thua 1980 Experimental studies of excited states in manganese nuclei with mass numbers 51, 54 and 55.

Hautala Mikko 1980 Theoretical and experimental studies of atomic collision phenomena and their consequence, Lecturer, HY.

Hyvönen-Dabek Mervi 1981 Nuclear physics methods applied to elemental analysis of bone, Amanuensis, HY.

Hentelä Raimo 1981 Experimental studies of excited states of 11C, 14N, 22Na, 32S and 55Co through the (p,gamma)-reaction.

Meinander Niklas 1981 Experimental and theoretical studies of the vibrational spectrum of methyl ammonium chloride, Senior assistant, HY.

Räisänen Jyrki 1981 Application of a low-energy accelerator in elemental analysis, range measurements and studies of atomic diffusion, Prof., JY.

Forss Stefan 1982 A Raman spectroscopic study of torsional motion in methyl ammonium chloride, bromide and some amino acids.

Hirvonen Juha 1982 Studies on diffusion and trapping of atoms in some ion- implanted metals, Prof.

Hänninen Riitta 1983 The use of a low energy accelerator in gamma-ray spectroscopy: (p,gamma) studies of 39K and 55Co and PIGE analysis for elements Z = 3 – 82.

Ståhlberg Birger 1985 633 nm He-Ne Laser Interaction with Zeeman Tuned Ne Absorbers and Frequency Stabilization of Two-mode He-Ne Lasers Laboratory Manager, HY.

Rauhala Eero 1986 Methods in light ion backscattering spectrometry, Senior assistant, HY.

Hautojärvi Aimo 1986 An experimental and theoretical study of the gas transport method and its applications.

Lappalainen Reijo 1986 Application of the NRB method in range, diffusion and nuclear lifetime measurements Prof., KY.

Palmö Kim 1987 A transferable valence force field developed using a series of molecules that consist of weakly coupled conjugated systems.

Koskinen Jari 1987 Experimental studies of hard carbon layers produced by direct deposition of 12C+-ions , Group leader, VTT.

Pietilä Lars-Olof 1988 Molecular mechanics and force field studies of weakly coupled conjugated molecules and molecular crystals.

Erola Marja 1988 Ion beam and annealing induced effects in solid materials detected by nuclear methods, Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Tikkanen Pertti 1989 Short lifetimes for tests of sd-shell structure in the nuclei 24Mg, 27Al, 27Si and 30P , Chief Engineer, HY.

Jungner Peter 1990 Laser-induced magneto-optic effects and three-level systems in Ne absorbers, Product development, Ericsson

Lapatto Risto 1990 Biomedical applications of the PIXE and PIGE methods.

Likonen Jari 1990 Computer simulations of collision cascade anisotropies and sputtering , Group leader, VTT.

Mannfors Berit 1991 Vibrational and conformational studies of some weakly coupled conjugated molecules by empirical potential energy functions, Scientist, Univ. Michigan.

Kuronen Antti 1991 A study of stopping power using nuclear methods , Academy Fellow, TKK.

Koponen Ismo 1992 Ion bombardment induced atomic transport in solids, Senior assistant, HY.

Yang Erling 1993 Studies on the transfer and adhesion of polytetrafluoroethylene and PTFE-based composites during dry contact.

Lindberg Åsa 1994 Nonlinear phenomena in laser-induced forward scattering, Ass. Prof, UU.

Eskola Sisko Maria 1995 A spectroscopic and numerical investigation of iodine complex formation kinetics, Teacher.

Nordlund Kai 1995 Molecular dynamics simulations of atomic collisions for irradiation experiments, Academy Fellow, HY.

Saarilahti Jaakko 1995 Ion-Backscattering Analysis of Electronic Materials, Scientist, VTT.

Hakovirta Marko 1996 Studies of amorphous hydrogen-free diamond-like films produced by ion and plasma beam techniques, CERN.

Haussalo Pekka 1996 Study of hydrogen trapping at precipitates in view of fusion reactor materials, Teacher.

Kupila-Rantala Tiina 1996 Sensitivity studies of external beam PIXE, PIGE and NRB methods: Application to medical and biological samples CSC.

Jokinen Janne 1997 Time-of-flight spectrometry of recoiled atoms in the analysis of thin films, Finnish Air Force.

Väkeväinen Kyösti 1997 Energy loss interactions of ions in semiconductor materials as studied by ion beams, Nokia ltd.

Kangasmäki Aki 1999 Electromagnetic decay properties of mid-sd -shell nuclei , Physicist, HUS.

Ahlgren Tommy 1998 Diffusion of impurities in compound semiconductors and diamond-like carbon film, Lecturer, HY.

Torri Pauli 1999 Structure and Properties of MoSi2 and Mo-Si-N based nanocomposite coatings, Development, Vaisala Ltd.

Arstila Kai 1999 Experimental study of electronic stopping powers for heavy ions .

Slotte Jonatan 1999 Diffusion of impurities and vacancies in compound semiconductors, Lecturer, TKK.

Kuisma-Kursula Pirkko 2000 Pixe and Sem Studies of Old Finnish and European Glass and European Oyster Ostrea edulisa.

Sillanpää Jussi 2000 Phenomenological model for electronic stopping of low-velocity ions in chrystalline solids, Univ. California.

Tarus Jura 2000 Effect of the surface on irradiation induced damage in covalently bonded materials Postdoc, Univ. Roma.

Vainonen-Ahlgren Liisa 2000 Release of hydrogen Isotopes From Carbon Based Fusion Reactor Materials AMS microchemistry ltd.

Sievänen Olli-Pekka 2000 Numerical Investigations in spectral and signal space of Raman spectra and of simulated ion bombarded surfaces.

Pekko Panu 2000 Experimental studies of tetrahedral amorphous carbon coatings.

Nurmela Arto 2001 Non-Rutherford Elastic Scattering Cross Sections for Materials Analysis Scientist, VTT.

Seppälä Anni 2001 Ion beam channeling studies of compound semiconductor materials, Development, Vaisala Ltd.

Salonen Emppu 2002 Molecular dynamics studies of the chemical sputtering of carbon-based materials by hydrogen bombardment, Lect., AU.

Peltola Jarkko 2003 Stopping power for ions and clusters in crystalline solids Product development, Varian Medical Systems.

Nord Janne 2003 Modeling of high-dose radiation damage in semiconductors, Product development, Varian Medical Systems.

Frantz Jonas 2004 Kinetics of nanoclusters on surfaces and in thin films, Consultant, Accenture.

Träskelin Petra 2006 Sticking and erosion at carbon-containing plasma-facing materials in fusion reactors, Postdoc, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Järvi Tommi 2009 Radiation effects in supported nanoparticles, European Patent Office, The Hague, Belgium.

Meinander Kristoffer 2009 Growth and modification of cluster-assembled thin films, Postdoc, University of Helsinki.

Juslin Niklas 2010 Computer simulation of H and He effects in fusion reactor materials, Assistant Research Professor, Univ. Tennessee.

Tolvanen Antti 2010 Atomic scale engineering of carbon nanotubes, Product Development, Emirates, Dubai.

Timko Helga 2011 Modelling vacuum : from plasma initiation to surface interactions, Staff scientist, CERN.

Harjunmaa Ari 2011 The path to a porous semiconductor multilayer, Postdoc, Germany.

Vörtler Katharina 2011 Computer simulation of multi-elemental fusion reactor materials, Postdoc, Univ. Wisconsin.

Holmström Eero 2012 Radiation effects in bulk and nanostructured silicon, Postdoc, Aalto University.

Backman Marie 2012 Effects of nuclear and electronic stopping power on ion irradiation of silicon-based compounds, Postdoc, Univ. Tennessee.

Pohjonen Aarne 2013 Dislocation mechanisms leading to protrusion growth under electric field induced stress on metal surfaces, Postdoc, UO.

Mether Lotta 2010 Consequensis of supersymmetry in the early universe, CERN Research fellow.

Lasa Ane 2014 Atomistic simulations of divertor-plasma interactions in fusion reactors, Postdoc, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Samela Juha 2015 Molecular dynamics studies of nanoparticle impacts, Director, Pivotal Ltd.

Kotakoski Jani 2007 Irradiation-mediated tailoring of carbon nanotubes, Docent, Assistant professor (University of Vienna)

Ullah Mohammad 2014 Atomistic simulations of damage production by single and molecular ion irradiation in GaN, Oak Ridge National Lab.

Leino Aleksi 2015 Atomistic simulations of swift heavy ion irradiation effects in silica, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Parviainen Stefan 2014 Atomistic simulations of metal surfaces under high electric fields, University of Rouen.

Polvi Jussi 2013 Low-energy radiation effects in polyethylene and cellulose, AitoSolutions Ltd.

Henriksson Krister 2005 Erosion and modification of metal surfaces by light and heavy ions, Space Systems Finland Ltd.

Björkas Carolina 2009 Interatomic potentials for fusion reactor material simulations.

Ren Wei 2017 Mechanisms of ion beam modification of nanowires and nanotubes, Danfoss Ltd.

Bukonte Laura 2017 Modelling of defect formation and evolution in metals and silicon, Murata ltd.

Ilinov Andrey 2015 Molecular dynamics simulation of elastic and sputtering properties of nanowires.

Vigonski Simon 2018 Atomistic study of surface effects in metals, Milrem Robotics Ltd.