Worried about radicalization? Guidebook for youth work professionals is published [in Finnish]

The guidebook is intended for professionals working with young people and offers a model for early intervention when a young person raises concerns of radicalization.

The guidebook helps identify the possible causes behind the worrying behavior and, if necessary, direct the young person towards the right kind of support. The core idea of the guidebook is that youth work professionals do not approach young people from the perspective of crime, punishment, profiling, or supervision, but with the aim of serving as pillars of positive development.

In situations of worry, it is important to face the young person with respect and an open mind. It is essential to look beyond the black-and-white worldview, identify underlying emotions, worries, threats, and beliefs, and search for possible paths forward together. The clear question structure of the guidebook allows the professional to encounter the young person regardless of one's own expertise in radicalization and extremism.

The guidebook is produced by the Academy of Finland-funded Growing Up Radical? research project's post-doctoral researcher Saija Benjamin and Ph.D. candidate Katja Vallinkoski in close cooperation with the Culture and Religion Forum FOKUS ry. Experts and researchers in youth work, youth well-being, and extremism have been consulted in the development of the guidebook. The development of the guidebook was funded by the Ministry of Justice, Finland. 

The guidebook is currently available only in Finnish. It can be downloaded here