Efficacy of disclosure systems (2016-)

Food safety inspection results are disclosed in many countries including Finland. Disclosure systems are expected to increase the effectiveness of food control and thereby decrease foodborne outbreaks. However, very little is known about the effectiveness of disclosure systems.

Food control inspections are disclosed in Finland as well as in many other countries. The disclosure systems aim at increasing food safety and consumer transparency. We have studied the Finnish disclosure system Oiva since 2016 to elucidate the impact of the system on food safety and food businesses. We have also studied the consumer intentions based on Oiva reports in Finland and Smiley reports in Denmark. The material consists of tens of thousands of Oiva-inspection reports, questionnaire studies and focus group interviews with inspectors and food operators. The consumer intentions are measured with an experimental study design. Funding: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finnish Foundation of Veterinary Research, Doctoral Programme in Food Chain and Health.  

Collaborators:  Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, UH, Tampere University, Turku University and Copenhagen University. 



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