FastEV® is a high-throughput and scalable EV isolation platform for optimal biomarker discovery.

The FastEV® platform covers a range of chemical conditions to fractionate EVs and other information carriers within plasma. It produces an array of different outputs in terms of EV yields, subpopulations and associating proteins offering a versatile approach to biomarker discovery. 

With FastEV®, it is possible to quickly determine the best condition to separate cases from controls for candidate biomarkers or to enrich pre-known targets. The chosen optimal FastEV® condition can then be easily used for thousands of samples allowing high impact biomarker discovery studies. The molecular outputs are amenable to a wide selection of content analysis, including smallRNAseq, RNAseq, EVArray, Lectin array and nano flow cytometry.

FastEV® is developed in a separate project of the EV core researchers, and it originates from an early invention from the EV group. FastEV® development has been supported by Business Finland R2B (2018-2020), HiLIFE HiPOC (2019-2020), and Spark Finland. Trademark for FastEV® was granted 15.10.2021 by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

For more information, contact Pia Siljander or Maija Puhka.