FastEV project aims to commercialize a high-throughput and scalable EV isolation platform for optimal biomarker discovery.

FastEV platform covers a range of chemical conditions to fractionate EVs and other information carriers within plasma. It produces an array of different outputs in terms of EV purity, EV yields and molecular contents. With FastEV, it is possible to quickly determine the best condition to separate cases from controls for candidate biomarkers or to enrich pre-known targets. The chosen optimal FastEV condition can then be easily used for thousands of samples allowing high impact biomarker discovery studies. The molecular outputs are amenable to a wide selection of content analysis, including smallRNAseq, RNAseq, EVArray, Lectin array and nano flow cytometry.

FastEV is developed in a separate project of the EV core researchers, and it originates from an early invention from the EV group.