Technical Staff & Research Assistants

Technical staff and research assistants of our unit are:

Hakala Kati
Korhonen Janne
Polvinen Tatu
Sirola Miki

Research Engineer

Development and maintenance of SMEAR-Agri research station in Viikki including automating measurements, data collection and monitoring in laboratory and field conditions connected to climate research focusing on examination of soil and air quality in northern agriculture.

+358 50 575 7448

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Färm Heidi
Härkönen Toni
Juvonen Saku
Koli Ilja
Levallois Estelle
Marttunen Sofia
Ryynälä Janni
Slob Stefan

Research Assistant. Master's student. Background in mechanical and environmental engineering, currently working on the MAGGE-pH project. Interested in emission measurements and the construction of equipment to measure emissions.

+358 44 971 5735

Viinikainen Anne