Senior & Postdoc Researchers

Researchers of our unit are:
Aaltonen Heidi

Postdoc Researcher.

Bore Ezekiel

Postdoc Researcher.

Koskinen Markku

Postdoc Researcher. Environmental scientist (ScD 2017) with experience in peatlands, hydrology, soil gas exchange research and building measurement devices. Research interests include the role of redox conditions in the carbon and nutrient fluxes in ecosystems. Working from processes to modelling of methane emissions from trees (MEMETRE).  Also masters playing the drums and the violin.

Read more about Markku Koskinen on the University of Helsinki Research Portal.

Putkinen Anuliina

Postdoc Researcher. Microbiologist analyzing the role of microbes in the methane cycle of boreal forests. Also expert in the microbial methane turnover in peatlands. Outside work, you can often find Anuliina in a forest either with a compass, a camera or a mushroom basket.

Read more about Anuliina Putkinen on the University of Helsinki Research Portal.

Teikari Jonna

Postdoc Researcher.

Kohl Lucas (Visitor)

Guest Researcher.

Postdoc Researcher (UEF). I am a broadly interested biogeochemist and environmental chemist. I use stable isotopes and chemical tracer analysis to study the source, dispersion, and fate of greenhouse gases and persistent pollutants. At the moment, my research focuses on understanding the methane cycle in boreal forests, wetlands, and urban environments. Outside of work, you have a good chance of finding me dancing to swing era music, playing one of some brass instrument, or on a cross-country ski trail.

Read more about Lukas Kohl on the University of Helsinki Research Portal.

Peltovuori Tommi (Visitor)

Guest Researcher.

Senior Researcher.

Pradhan Surendra (Visitor)

Guest Researcher.

Senior Researcher (UEF).

Read more about Surendra Pradhan on the University of Eastern Finland Research Portal.