Doctoral researchers

Doctoral researchers conduct research under the supervision of senior researchers in Environmental Soil Science Unit. Doctoral degree also includes 40 credits of postgraduate studies supporting the scientific discipline.
Ge Mengyu

Doctoral Researcher. Current research work involves the methane emissions of shrubs, sedges and moss. Also interested in the methane emissions of trees.

Haikarainen Iikka

Doctoral Researcher.


Heinonen Reija

Doctoral Researcher. Studying how climate change induced increase in off-season rainfall and the subsequent soil waterlogging affect soil carbon dynamics in agricultural mineral soils.


Manninen Noora

Doctoral Researcher (Research Coordinator). Agronomist (M.Sc. 2014), mainly focused on soil and environmental chemistry and hydrology. Studying water-induced organic carbon & nitrogen loss from boreal agricultural mineral soils under different cultivation managements, and assessing the impacts on soil productivity and surface-water quality. Coordinating also laboratory analysis at the SMEAR-Agri Viikki experimental site.


Mäkelä Minna

Doctoral Researcher (Drainage Specialist). Peat soils and gas management. Also expert in plant production – even in her own garden.



Peltokangas Kenneth

Doctoral Researcher. Working on carbon sequestration and climate change. Interests in soil chemistry and microbiology. Also known from baking absolutely fantastic cakes!


Salonen Anna-Reetta

Doctoral Researcher (UH & WUR).


Tenhovirta Salla

Doctoral Researcher. Agronomist (MSc 2012) with a background in plant and forest pathology and forest ecology. Current research interests are the sources of methane emissions from trees in boreal forests. Working for the project From Processes to Modelling of Methane Emissions from Trees (MEMETRE). As a mother of three, I usually have my hands full, but the spare time I have is spent knitting and sewing or tending for my ever-growing collection of houseplants.


Tuovinen Anna

Doctoral Researcher. Working on Mitigating Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions by improved pH management of soils (MAGGE-pH).



Turunen Pauliina

Doctoral Researcher.