Professors & Teachers

Professors and teachers of our unit are:

Pihlatie Mari (Associate Professor. Head of Unit.)

Professor (head of unit). Vice head of Department of Agricultural Sciences. PI of SMEAR-Agri Viikki research station at Viikki Research Farm, University of Helsinki. Expertise in plant-soil interactions, soil biogeochemical processes, and greenhouse gas exchange with a special focus on N2O and CH4.

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Markku Yli-Halla (Professor. Emeritus.)

Professor emeritus. Soil scientist with experience in chemical soil analysis, soil classification and plant nutrition. Research interests include acid sulphate soils, processes of soil formation and fertility assessment of agricultural soils. Major activities during the last few years have included projects and supervision of doctoral students in Ethiopia.

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Hartikainen Helinä (Professor. Emerita.)

Professor Emerita. Research Director. Expert in soil and sediment chemistry, especially in reaction mechanisms and cycling of nutrients and detrimental elements. Special interests are selenium and its antioxidative and growth-promoting effects in plants as well as the utilization of industrial by-products in the environment protection. Enjoys knitting, reading literature and playing with grand-children.

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Kanerva Sanna

University Lecturer. Soil scientist (PhD, Agriculture & Forestry 2008) with experience in soil carbon and nitrogen cycling processes. Research interests include the role of organic matter in soil productivity and loss of organic carbon from agricultural soils. Member of the University of Helsinki Teachers’ Academy and winner of the faculty Good Teacher award. In addition to soil, loves gardening and cats.

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Simojoki Asko

University Lecturer. Expert on soil physics. Projects: Mitigating Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions by improved pH management of soils (MAGGE-pH), Industrial by-products as amendments of old peat production soils in the non-food potato production (SUOMA)

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Venäläinen Salla

University Lecturer. Expert on soil and environmental chemistry (ScD 2013) with special interest in the biogeochemical cycle of heavy metals and nutrients. Research history in the remediation of heavy metal polluted soils and the abatement of phosphorus-induced environmental risks by means of industrial by-products. Currently investigating the utilization of modified biopolymers in resource-efficient wastewater treatment (MoBiWaT) in the spirit of circular economy. Enjoys down-to-earth lifestyle and sports.

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