Lab Alumni

Former members of our unit are:

Ghasemi Falk Homa

Master's student (2018–2019) ⇒ graduated

Kerovuori Ilona

Research Assistant (2014–2019) ⇒ laboratory technician at Natural Resources Institute Finland

Mäkelä Jaakko

Doctoral student (2014) ⇒ head of research at Oy Bio-Raiser Ltd

Olkkonen Ilkka

Technical Assistant ⇒ Master's student at Environmental Soil Science

Pyykkö Petteri

Master's student (2018–2019) ⇒ meteorologist at Finnish Meteorological Institute

Rajan Nandita

Master's student (2018–2019) ⇒ graduated

Reijonen Inka

Postdoc researcher (2018–2019) ⇒ leading expert at Ramboll Finland Oy.

Santalahti Minna

Doctoral Student (2018–2019) ⇒ laboratory coordinator at MetropoliLab Oy

Vainio Elisa

Doctoral student (-2019) ⇒ project manager at Baltic Sea Action Group