New Grant Awarded by the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS)

The Helsinki Environmental Humanities Hub has received a 15000 euro "Social Impact Funding" granted by the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science.

Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS) is a cross-faculty research unit in sustainability science within the University of Helsinki. The HELSUS funding call was open from 28 September 26 October 2020 for HELSUS members from the HELSUS Faculties: Faculties of Agriculture and Forestry, Arts, Biological and Environmental Sciences, Educational Sciences, Law, Science and Social Sciences. The total available funding for the call was approximately 415 000 € consisting of Rector’s strategic funding and contributions from the HELSUS Faculties.

The HELSUS Steering Group decided to grant Mikko Saikku, the head of the Helsinki Environmental Humanities Hub  a 15000 euro "Social Impact Funding"  to organize various events including the Helsinki Environmental Humanities Festival. 

Grant decisions can be viewed here.