The University of Helsinki Environmental Humanities Hub has evolved from the Helsinki University Humanities Programme.

Grand Challenges Statement

The University of Helsinki Environmental Humanities Hub studies the multifaceted cultural and relational dimensions of anthropogenic environmental change, which is one of the most pressing challenges that humanity currently faces.

Environmental humanities has an indispensable role in digesting, conveying, and contextualizing the anthropogenic environmental change as a cultural and social phenomenon.

The hub aims to create an environmentally centered humanities, social sciences and arts community from across anthropology, archeology, art history, ecocriticism, energy humanities, history, indigenous studies, law, linguistics, philosophy, theology, urban studies, and associated fields. Anchored at the University of Helsinki, the Hub seeks to act as an agora for intensive interaction among foreign and Finland-based researchers and artists.

Our goal is to explore human cultural knowledge and to bring a diversity of environmental discourses into dialogue over our shared planetary futures.