Helsinki Envhum Hub and Stockholm University Envhum Network receive Arctic Avenue funding for 2022-2023

The Arctic Avenue Steering Committee has approved the proposal of Karin Elisabeth Dirke and Mikko Saikku entitled Strengthening Environmental Humanities in the Arctic (SEHITA). The sum granted is €7,200.

The goal of the project is to act as a seed in order to generate research projects and subsequent outreach-, dissemination which center around the inclusion and foregrounding of long-ignored forms of expertise of farmers, forest dwellers, fisherfolk and other communities. 

Our project wishes to challenge the notion that Western science, as represented by experts, is based on the assumption that natural phenomena are universal, and we will interact toward co-building networks of solidarity and inclusivity with Arctic and Glocal Knowers to tackle Western Belief.  

Thus, our project will focus on knowledge holder groups, and aim to select and pre-analyze the hybrid knowledge systems and regimes to focus on in later joint project applications.