End of Environmental Humanities Month 2022 and HELSUS Funding for #ENVHUM MONTH 2023

Big thanks for all contributors making the 2022 Environmental Humanities fun! Special thanks for HELSUS to support the next festival in 2023.

Environmental Humanities Month was great in 2022! Contributors and our fantastic audience made it worthwhile. Humanities is full of genuine, innovative, fresh environmental ideas and perspectives, thus #enhummonth aims to deliver the freshest perspectives from some of the bravest artists and scientists to our curious global audience. 

In 2022 Environmental Humanities Month has consisted of 31 events, audience averaged between 1-30 participants per event, enabling us to cater to about 320-350 persons directly. During the time of the festival about 600 views were registered via our YT generating 50 hours of watch time, and 20 persons of those viewers subscribed to the @environmentalhumanitiesmonth channel, now closing in to 100 subscribers and over 4k views in total. 

We are satisfied with #Envhum Month 2022 and happy that contributors made so much effort to make it happen, and that we converse with such an amazing, diverse, and open audience. 

In this vein #Envhum Month 2023 will further diversify. We will maintain our roots in the Finnish context and widen programs targeting specifically residents - especially those with foreign background - within Finland. At the same time, we will further diversify and widen our global efforts to extend our global network of events reaching to a growing number of places, peoples, languages, perspectives, voices - especially those of the hardly audible ones. 

This work in 2023 will be possible partly by the recent 5000 euro grant generously donated by the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Sciences at the University of Helsinki. 


Wishing all of you lovely end of year! 

Emma, Mikko, Viktor