Call for Contributions: Arctic Assemblages in Stockholm

Arctic Assemblages:
Strengthening Environmental Humanities in the Arctic,
26-27 October 2023

The Arctic has gained greater attention among academics and the public in recent years, in consequence we see an urgent need for environmentally focused humanities scholars and artists to contribute more attentively to the current interdisciplinary debates and research priorities related to the Arctic, often dominated by the natural and social sciences.


Academic initiatives in the emerging interdisciplinary field of environmental humanities have sought and created collaborations and bridges between scientific fields as well as the arts in the past, and in this vein we seek to extend those fruitful interdisciplinary collaborations of Arctic issues via strengthening co-thinking, co-researching and co-creating among the diverse environmental humanities and related science disciplines as well as the arts the Universities of Helsinki and Stockholm, SU Environmental Humanities Network.


Therefore, we are proposing a meeting in Stockholm: Arctic Assemblages:

Strengthening Environmental Humanities in the Arctic 26-27 October, to discuss and investigate the complex interconnections between humans and the environment, by for example linking humans and animals in the Arctic.


More specifically, we thought we would invite EH-scholars from the Nordic countries to join a workshop in October the 26-27. The following broad topics with a relation to the Arctic environments: Field work in the EH, Human/animal-studies, Nature/culture heritages, Critique of the EH research. We envision a hybrid get-together.


We have somewhat limited finances but could cover for travel and subsistence for a limited number of participants. Please indicate if you are interested in coming over and we will take a look at the budget.


Feel free to share the invitation with others who might be interested and let us know by the June the 1st 2023, if you are interested in joining us.


More information via the link below: 

Karin Dirke

Stockholm University Environmental Humanities Network


This event is supported by the Arctic Avenue project "Strengthening Environmental Humanities in the Arctic (SEHITA)" a joint initiative of the Helsinki Environmental Humanities and the Stockholm Environmental Humanities