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If you like what we do at DogRisk, we’d be grateful for your support! There are several ways you can support us and our mission.
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DogRisk’s work is largely funded by donations and other external funding. ​

Thanks to the support of the university, donors and other external funders, we have been able to conduct world-leading independent dog health research for the past 15 years and our group has grown to 8 researchers. However, there are many more chronic diseases in dogs that we want to investigate, and we cannot achieve this alone. ​

We are now planning to undertake the world’s first study into the effects of diet on the emergence of osteoarthritis, which is caused by hip and elbow dysplasia and leads to chronic pain in dogs. To do this, we are launching a fundraising campaign and our aim is to raise 50,000 euros, which will allow us to pay the salary of a researcher for one year to conduct this pioneering study and analyse the data we collect from dog owners around the world. ​

By donating to DogRisk at the University of Helsinki, you can help us to conduct world-leading independent dog health research and help dogs to lead healthier, happier and longer lives.    ​

With your support, we can continue to investigate the connections between diet and chronic diseases and help to prevent chronic pain in dogs. ​

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Donors based in the USA can donate here to receive US Tax benefits: 

We thank you, and so will dogs and people with chronic diseases around the world do!​

For more information about the different ways to donate to DogRisk, including via bank transfer and for USA-based donors, please visit the university's fundraising pages

If you have any questions about donating to DogRisk and the University of Helsinki, you can contact the university’s donor relations team: 

The University of Helsinki has a money collection permit (RA/2020/737), permitted by the National Police Board on 18 June 2020. The permit covers all of Finland, with the exception of Åland. The funds will support the tasks given in §2 in the Universities Act (558/2009). University of Helsinki is responsible for the fundraising. 

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One of our missions at DogRisk is to help dog owners to make informed decisions about their dog’s diet and the factors they can change at home, which will benefit their dog’s health and help them to avoid chronic diseases. We do this by regularly publishing interesting news and research on our social media pages. ​

By following our social media accounts and sharing our content, you can help make more dog owners aware of our work and help them to take better care of their pets and family!

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We invite you to help us by taking part in our research. You are welcome to participate in any of our studies for which we search for participants. We post about these in our news section. Later in 2024, we will be publishing the new version of our Food Frequency Questionnaire, and hope to get as many respondents as possible (the previous one had over 12,000!).

Meet our supporters

We are also fortunate to receive support from a variety of organisations in Finland and around the world. In addition to the organisations mentioned below, we have sponsors who wish to remain anonymous. We want to thank them, and those mentioned, greatly for their support!