SUSTE – Sustainable Stories in Early Childhood Education and Care

The project SUSTE aims at professional development of sustainability competences through multimodal storytelling in the context of ECEC. The research focus is the mutual learning processes of participating practitioners, student teachers and researchers. The project has two phases: 1) to study how sustainability is currently envisioned and enacted in Finnish ECEC; 2) to arrange research circles, tutoring, workshops, and seminars for practitioners and student teachers.

The expected outcomes of the project are to prompt the development of new sustainability theories and practices, and enhance further dialogue between researchers and practitioners. Nordic perspectives of ECEC, contemporary aesthetic theory and arts-based practices, relational ontology and epistemology, and critical phenomenology influence the project.


The project is financed 2018-2019 by Svenska Kulturfonden. The project has a reference group including researchers from Stockholm University, University of Gothenburg, and Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Kaihovirta, Wolff & Furu (12.10 2018) Sustainable Stories: Arts-based storytelling and children´s learning about sustainability at 10th International Conference of Intercultural Arts Education – Arts, Skills and the Future Learning, University of Helsinki

Wolff, Furu & Kaihovirta (25-26.10 2018) Narrativa och estetiska lärprocesser som hållbarhetspedagogik för de yngsta barnen (0-5 åringar) at Nordisk forskningskonferens om miljö- och hållbarhetsutbildning, Örebro University.