Open guest lecture by professor Douglas Davies: Death rites online and absent

Welcome to Douglas Davies' open guest lecture at Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Common room (3rd floor, Fabianinkatu 24) on 13.3.2024 at 16–18!

Time: Wednesday 13 March 16–18. 

Venue: Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Common room (3rd floor), Fabianinkatu 24


The event is co-organized by DiDe – Digital Death: Transforming History, Rituals and Afterlife(funded by EU CHANSE) & ReCoVirA – Religious Communities in theVirtual Age (funded by EU CHANSE)


You are warmly welcome!


About the lecturer

Professor Douglas Davies, Durham University, is one of the world-leading figures in death studies with an outstanding publication record in the field. Dr. Davies also runs the Centre for Death and Life Studies at Durham University. His publications cover areas such as history, anthropology and theology of death and death rituals.