Selected publications of our consortium.

Below are some examples to represent our research findings.
Selected publications

Altaratz, D. & Morse, T. (2023). Digital Séance: Fabricated Encounters with the Dead. Social Sciences, 12(11): 635.

Harju, A. A. & Huhtamäki, J. (2023). Streaming death: terrorist violence, post-death data and the digital afterlife of difficult death. In S. Coleclough, B. Michael-Fox & R. Visser (Eds.), Difficult Death, Dying and the Dead in Media and Culture. London: Palgrave. DOI:10.1007/978-3-031-40732-1_4 

Nowaczyk-Basińska, K. & Kiel, P. (2024). Exploring the Immortological Imagination: Advocating for a Sociology of Immortality. Social Sciences 13( 2): 83.

Toplean, A. (2024). Global Digital Death and Glocal Dying: Theoretical Challenges and Possible Research Directions. Glocalism: Journal of culture, politics and innovation,1. DOI: 10.54103/gjcpi.2023.1.22342

Toplean, A. (2023). Socio-Phenomenological Reflections on What Digital Death Brings and Denies in Terms of Relational Experiences to Orthodox Romanians. Social Sciences, 12(12): 686.