The following researchers are a part of the Centre for Research on Democracy, Political Participation and Institutional Change.
Stefan Sjöblom

Political scientist specialized in public administration, governance, local and regional development. His resent research activities feature reform policies, particularly new and innovative organizational forms in the public sector and the temporal dimension of politics.

Sebastian Godenhjelm

University Lecturer
Political scientist specialized in new forms public management, participation as well as collaborative and explorative forms of governance.

Henrik Hägglund

University Lecturer, Professor h.c.
Law, Administrative Law, Municipal Law, Educational Law

Niilo Kauppi

Visiting Professor (Swedish School of Social Science, UH), Docent (Faculty of Social Science, UH), Director of Research (on leave) (CNRS, France), and affiliated with Sciences Po Strasbourg.
Political scientist and political sociologist whose research interests range from social and political theory, intellectual and political radicalism to European politics and global governance. Influenced especially by Bourdieu and Weber, analysing subjects ranging from the rise of ‘French theory’ to that of datafication, his long-term theoretical project centres on the political sociology of knowledge and power.

Ulrika Krook

University Instructor

Disability policy and law, children's rights, human rights, social and health care substantive legislation and structures, discrimination law, education and early childhood education mainly from a child and parental perspective, as well as special needs, Nordic co-operation and interest groups

Kanerva Kuokkanen

University Lecturer
Kanerva Kuokkanen is a University Lecturer in Social Science Methodology at the Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki. Her research fields include citizen participation (especially the “invited” forms of participation in public administration), the third sector and the civil society, public administration, public sector projects, policy analysis, governance, regulation and implementation.

Carl-Gustav Linden

University Researcher, Docent
Media and Communications, Business Journalism, Media Economics, Nationalism

Beata Segercrantz

University Lecturer (Social Psychology)
Researcher in social psychology and organization studies. Her current research focuses on critical analyses of innovation, technology implementation in care work, health promoting care work, quality in institutional living, identity construction and discourse analysis.

Kim Zilliacus

Senior Lecturer
Political scientist with research interests in comparative politics, environmental politics and policy, public opinion and values, political movements, participation and communication. His recent research activities involve the politics of online communication and data-driven processes, which combined with new divisions and values of social, economic, and technological disruption transform public issues of power and democracy.

Andreas Eklund

Doctoral student in political science
I am interested in comparative politics, regime types and political stability. My teaching has included courses in democracy and participation, political opinion and political communication.

Mikael Harjula

Doctoral student
In his dissertation in political science, Harjula is studying language requirements for personnel working in bilingual municipalities in Finland. The emphasis is on variation and changes regarding the requirements, which are analysed from a minority perspective.

Sanna Sääksjärvi

Doctoral Student
Political Science, EU-environmental law- and policy-making, Interest group influence, Nordic countries, EU member states

Isak Vento

University Lecturer, Project Planner
Political Science