Our networks.

The InnoNord network

consists of researchers that represent a wide variety of experts covering structures, impact and consolidation within the public sector project innovation research. The participants represent professors, senior researchers, junior researchers as well as high-level officials from different Nordic countries. The aim of the research network is to identify the key institutional prerequisites for facilitating public innovations, including the measures and strategies for transforming program and project based innovative action into long-term policies and effects. The primary objectives relate to mechanisms for facilitating impacts of public sector innovative governance and how can public institutions act as agents for change, what the impacts of innovative policy implementation are, as well as in what ways impacts are consolidated.

More information about the InnoNord network can be found at this website about InnoNord.

Making Projects Critical (MPC)

The overall goal of the network is to provide collaborative movement and to open up project management and project-based organisation to critical examination. The ‘Making Projects Critical’ workshop series was launched in 2001 and the most recent event, MPC9, was held in Sweden in January 2019.

Lead / founding members:

Professor Damian Hodgson & Professor Svetlana Cicmil.

University partners include:

University of Manchester, University of Bristol, Malmö University, Royal institute of Technology (KTH), Lund university, Université du Québec à Montréal & University of Helsinki

OpenEUdebate, Jean Monnet Network

The platform of the network is an interface between the academic world, the public and politicians that organizes discussions on topical issues such as Covid-19. More information about the network at OpenEUdebate.

Lead / founding members:

Elena Garcia Guitian (Prof, UAM, Unversidad Autonoma de Madrid), (Niilo Kauppi, member of the scientific committee of OpenEUdebate).

University partners include:

UAM (Unversidad Autonoma de Madrid), VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), ULB (Université Libre De Bruxelles), SNSPA (National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest), Agenda Publica (Spanish NGO).

InterChange Network

This network involves global collaboration around courses, curricula, exchange and online pedagogy. The Network develops collaborative learning through international partnerships between universities within a globally dispersed but mutually inclusive online forum. It involves horizontal student-to-student-to-teacher dialogue throughout the entire learning process and the blending of face-to-face and screen-based interaction. Importantly it taps the engagement of students as a learning resource by means of using social media and online pedagogical tools within an interactive global learning environment. The goals of the network are about linking (a) digitalisation to (b) internationalisation and (c) pedagogical innovation in a way that interweave and develop these three main strategic goals of the UH to achieve a “global impact in interaction”. Read more in the strategic plan of the University of Helsinki 2017–2020.

Lead / founding members:

Kim Zilliacus (Senior Lecturer), Christian Lindblom (Expert in Online Teaching).

University partners include:

University of Canterbury (New Zealand), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), University of Helsinki.