We in CELLS-project utilize eye-tracking methodology in investigating problem-solving processes of authentic cases.

Eye movements together with complementing methods reveal us interesting aspects about the cognitive processing of the participant. Our equipment, Tobii Pro Spectrum together with Tobii Pro Lab software, allows extremely accurate detecting of eye-movements, fixations and even micro-saccades, during for example reading, playing computer games or seeing images such as x-rays. Additionally, we collaborate with other research groups and companies, who provide equipments for mobile eye-tracking, which allows detecting of eye-movements in authentic environments, such as in laboratories, classrooms or in nature and in social interaction. We in CELLS also design piloting of eye-tracking methdology during working in augmented reality environments. If you are interested in utilizing eye-tracking methodology in learning research, we organize open-to-all know-how method demonstrations. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are willing to familiarize yourself with this method!