Our latest publications and presentations.


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Conference presentations:

-Aleknavičiūtė, V., Södervik, I., McMullen, J. & Lehtinen, E. (2022). Students‘ conceptions of photosynthesis and plant respiration: A person oriented approach. Paper presentation in Earli Conceptual change SIG meeting in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

-Heinonen, N. & Södervik, I., (2022). The effect of pedagogical training on university teachers’ professional vision and conceptual change. Paper presentation in Earli Conceptual change SIG meeting in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

- Siven, M., Kapp, K., Lauren, P., Södervik, I. & Katajavuori, N. (2022). Developing interactive augmented reality platform for learning laboratory skills in pharmacy.

- Heinonen, N., Katajavuori, N., Murtonen, M. & Södervik, I. (2021). University teachers' professional vision, misconceptions, experience and pedagogical training. Paper presentation at Earli Virtual Biennial Meeting.

- Södervik, I., Hanski, L. & Katajavuori, N., (2021).Case processing in supporting the development of expertise in pharmacy - an eye movement study. Paper presentation at AERA Virtual Annual Meeting.

- Holopainen, J., Lähtevänoja, A. J., Mattila, O., Södervik, I., Pöyry, E. & Parvinen, P. (2020). Exploring the Learning Outcomes with Various Technologies - Proposing Design Principles for Virtual Reality Learning Environments. Proceedings of the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.

- Kettunen, H. (2019). Development of Expertise during Biology Studies at University. Presentation at Summer School HoBid 2019 (Perspektiven und Zugänge der Hochschulbildungsforschung / Approaches to Research on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education), Paderborn, Germany.

- Södervik, I., Mikkilä-Erdmann & Chi, M.T. H. (2019): Conceptual change challenges and professional development during medical education, Paper presentation at Earli-conference, Aachen, Germany.

- Södervik, I., Katajavuori, N. & Hanski, L. (2019). “What do I know and how do I know what I know?” - The development of pharmacy students’ conceptual and epistemological understanding during the first study year. Paper presentation at Esera-conference, Bologna, Italy.

- Lähtevänoja, A., Södervik, I., Holopainen, J. & Mattila, O. (2019). The use of VR as a potential restorative environment in school during recess. Paper presenttion at 5th International Augmented and Virtual Reality Conference, Munich, Germany.

- Katajavuori, N., Hanski, L. & Södervik, I. (2019). Students’ level and quality of prior knowledge and epistemic cognition in an introductory course of biosciences – developing of expertise during pharmacy studies. Roundtable presentation accepted to Earli, Aachen, Germany, August 2019.

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