Recent publications and Doctoral thesis.
Recent publications
Doctoral Thesis
  • Anil Palikhe MD, PhD 2008 “MHC region and coronary heart disease”.
  • Riitta Paakkanen MD, PhD 2013 “Major Histocompatibility Complex Genes – Method of Analysis, Association with Acute Coronary Syndromes and Effect on Immune Reactions”.
  • Harri Lindholm MD, PhD 2013 “Physiological determinants and assessment of stress and recovery among media workers”.
  • Annika Wennerström PhD 2014 “The extended MHC haplotypes and their role in sarcoidosis”.
  • Efthymia Vlachopoulou PhD 2015 “Statistical aspects of MHC-region genetics in coronary artery disease”.
  • Satu Vaara MD, PhD 2017 “Clinical and genetical factors affecting causes of death in acute coronary syndrome”.
  • Olavi Parkkonen MD, PhD 2017 “Takotsubo-cardiomyopathy: etiology and pathophysiology”.
  • Elisa Lahtela PhD 2018 “Genetic variants predisposing to prognosis in pulmonary sarcoidosis”.