Hiring a doctoral researcher (DL 15.3.2024)

Helsinki Computational History Group is hiring a doctoral researcher for 3-4 years to work on "The Presence of Classics in Early Modern Book History" in MECANO Marie Curie Training Network

We're excited to announce an opportunity to join the University of Helsinki as a doctoral researcher for a full-time position lasting 3-4 years. The project, “The Presence of Classics in Early Modern Book History”, welcomes applicants from a broad range of academic backgrounds. As part of the MECANO (https://www.kuleuven.be/lectio/research/mecano-msca-doctoral-network) Marie Curie doctoral training network, this position offers a great environment with access to excellent resources and expertise. Margherita Fantoli (Leuven), a key member of the supervision team, brings a wealth of knowledge in classics and digital humanities to the project. If you're passionate about contributing to this research area, we'd love to hear from you by the deadline on March 15. Please share this opportunity with your network! For more details and how to apply: https://jobs.helsinki.fi/job/Helsinki-Doctoral-Researcher%2C-The-Presence-of-Classics-in-Early-Modern-Book-History/788241102/