Helsinki Digital Humanities Research Seminar: Autumn 2019

The Helsinki Digital Humanities Research Seminar celebrates its 5th academic year this autumn. Helsinki Digital Humanities lineup for autumn and spring will feature different aspects of cutting-edge research in digital humanities ranging from computational creativity to phonetics, media studies, sociolinguistics, computational social sciences and medieval historical research, among others. Thus, this year promises to be a great addition to the 60+ papers we have had a chance to learn from so far, in addition to the 10 conferences/workshops that we have organised in conjunction with the seminar since 2015. At the same time, it should be emphasised that we warmly welcome anyone interested in digital humanities to take part, regardless of previous experience. Feel free to join any session that you find interesting. See you soon!

In the Autumn 2019, the seminar will convene on Thursdays at 16:15-18:00 at Metsätalo (Unioninkatu 40), lecture room 24 (5th floor).

19.9. Samu Niskanen (University of Helsinki): Authorial publishing in the middle ages

3.10. Hannu Toivonen (University of Helsinki): Computational creativity

17.10. Peeter Tinits (University of Tartu): Mining texts for social history: Research from spelling standardization to sustainability transitions

31.10. Martti Vainio (University of Helsinki): New frontiers in phonetics and digital humanities

14.11. Hannu Salmi (University of Turku): Digital Humanities and Media History: Perspectives and Experiences

28.11. Neha Sayed (Aalto): 'Place' in Internet of Things & Daniel Landau (Aalto): Virtual Embodiment and the Transformation of the Self

12.12. Tanja Säily (University of Helsinki): Sociolinguistic variation in the history of English

Updates and possible changes will be noted in due course. The seminar is open. If you want to join our mailing list, need credits, or have any questions about the seminar, write to Mikko Tolonen.

For the full programme including abstracts that will be updated in due course, see: Autumn 2019